Conversations with Eli: Trouble with Crummy, Crumby Soap

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August 11, 2016 by CassieCravings


“Eww! This sthoap is stho cwrumby!”

“It’s crummy? Like no good?”

“No, no. Cwrumby. Like… like it hasth sthand in it. It’sth pointy and wrough on my handsth.”

“Oh. I see! Well, it’s an exfoliating soap. I like it. It makes my hands feel soft.”

“I’s not twrying to ‘folate my handsth, justht clean them. I want sthoap wif’out cwrumbs….becausthe it’sth cwrummy. That time I meant ‘no good’ Get it?.”

“Got it. Clever.”

“Make a note, my Mama. No mowre sthoap wif’ cwrumbsth.”

“Note made.”

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