Building Routines that Matter Part 3


May 22, 2017 by CassieCravings

5 months ago, I had a baby. 4 months ago, I had a stroke. Now I am trying to find my groove in routine again. It has been slow going. Building routines is a difficult and many times tedious process. Doing so with a baby on my hip and from behind a walker adds to the complexity. But it can be done. I am determined to do so.

In this series, we are walking through building routines that truly matter. Beyond busyness and check-lists, we are examining a daily routine that adds value to our lives and the lives of those around us.

During Parts One and Two, we discussed where to begin building a routine that matters. Before anything else, a list of “musts” will have to be created. These musts will be individual to you and will look different even to you, depending on stage of life, scheduled activities and daily responsibilities.

Once you have drafted your own musts, it is time for step two.

Step Two: Sketch out a Routine.

During step one, I listed out my musts. It worked out many drafts. I asked myself a lot of questions. I found it to be a frustrating process with a relieving result. Note that your musts will look differently than mine. Even if we are both moms of two boys who work at home, there will be differences. That is perfectly okay. We will not lead the same lives or define a successful day exactly the same way.

From the musts, I sketched out an order to my morning and an order to my afternoon. My outline took into account the predicted needs and loose schedule of an infant as well as my typical headache/energy peaks and valleys.

Even though these things cannot be predicted or regimented, I accounted for the basic idea with the philosophy that I will meet the baby’s needs, will meet my needs and THEN adhere to the schedule. Notice that there were intentional blocks of time left blank so that I can make up time with what cannot be scripted.

To organize my daily routine I add a start time next to each task. This is not the only way to approach the order to your routine.  You may rather order it in sequence of what needs to be done without the constraints of a time. Perhaps you prefer to a hybrid of both of these methods in which you block your routine into time goals (By 6:00, I will do…, etc).

I have practiced all of these and continue to come back to the timed routine. It works for me. Play with each method, or come up with your very own. The key is to try it long enough to know it.


Once the must-dos are negotiated and your schedule is sketched out, there is only one step to go! Next week will be the final step in building a routine that matters.

Which type of scheduling works best for you: start time, sequential order, or block timing? 





3 thoughts on “Building Routines that Matter Part 3

  1. You are so organized!!! Great job putting that together. I have a loose nightly schedule for things that I want to do, and I’ve set up alarms on my phone to keep me on track. Otherwise I waste my time at night. During the day, sadly, I don’t block out time except as governed by school, mealtimes, and naptimes. The rest is play time. When my 1yo naps, then I do focused activities with my 3yo. Soon I will need to plan joint activities for them, not just playtime….

  2. I am totally amazed at your resilence and stamina! Great to see you are going forward! keep up the good work! Sandra

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