1. When a 4 Year-Old Reads a Sign: No Diving with Your Skateboard


    August 18, 2014 by mamacravings


    “Listhen up, my mama! It say right hewre to not dive in ‘da pool wif’ youwr skateboawrd. It will make …
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  2. Conversations with Eli: Cuppa Mustard


    July 7, 2014 by mamacravings


    “This mug is full of mustard.” “Yesth.” “Why?” “It sthounded like a good idea at ‘da time.” “And now?” “Not …
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  3. The Biggest Leap of our Lives


    June 25, 2014 by mamacravings


      In just a month’s time, my family will be taking the biggest leap of our lives. We will be …
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  4. Conversations with Eli: Mosquito Bites vs. Anatomy


    June 10, 2014 by mamacravings

    photo (23)

      “Ugh! You were only out there for a minute, and a mosquito bit you.” “Yeah! It bited muh leg! …
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  5. A Mama’s Reflection on her Boy’s Birthday


    June 3, 2014 by mamacravings

    4 year old pics

    A curly-haired boy twirled down the hallway. He¬†was naked save the¬†mismatched socks. He sung a song with lyrics all his …
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  6. Conversations with Eli: The Ins and Outs of Emotions


    May 7, 2014 by mamacravings


      “Does gwrown upsth and kidsth have ‘da same emotionsth?” “What do you think?” “Well, I t’inks maybe so, ‘cept …
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  7. A Journey Through Infertility: An Empty Room


    April 25, 2014 by mamacravings


    In our home, there is a room where the door stays closed. It isn’t locked. There is always access, but …
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